Movie star Goldie Hawn has blasted Italian director MARIO MONICELLI for treating her badly on the set of 1978 movie VIAGGIO CON ANITA (LOVERS AND Liars).

The Private Benjamin beauty left her then-husband BILL HUDSON and young son OLIVER in Hollywood to spend several months in Italy filming the comedy, despite a limited knowledge of the Latin language.

In her autobiography A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD, Hawn recalls, "There was the strain of working in a country where the sexual politics are very different from Hollywood.

"In one scene, where I fell into a fountain, the director positioned the camera so low that he was filming up my skirt.

"Then he demanded that my Italian co-star (Giancarlo Giannini) and I do a scene in which we stimulated sex naked in a hammock. When I refused, he cursed at me at length in Italian. The only word I understood was Madonna, which I took to mean that I was a prude."

09/05/2005 17:15