Hollywood star Goldie Hawn caused an outrage by refusing to "christen" a luxury cruise liner - after organisers flew her in on a private jet for the event.

Owners of the Southampton, England-based Sea Princess were livid when Hawn, who is in Britain publicising her autobiography A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD, claimed she was unwell and declined to board the flashy ship, docked at the south coast harbour.

One guest fumes, "Needless to say, most of the guest were disappointed, and the ship's owners were apoplectic.

"They'd hired a private jet especially for her to attend, and are entitled to ask for their money back.

Luckily British actress Joanna Lumley was available to step into Hawn's shoes.

A spokesman for PRINCESS CRUISES says,"It is true that we had a cancellation from Goldie Hawn, but that wasn't too much of a dampener.

"We did have other celebrities, including JOANNA LUMLEY, who christened the boat."

30/05/2005 17:22