Screen star Goldie Hawn found romance whilst filming the 1979 movie VIAGGIO CON ANITA - with a man in his 90s.

The 59-year-old recalls in her autobiography A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD how she fell madly in love with the decrepit Italian in a bar while on location in Italy.

Fascinated by his full life and golden memories, Hawn began what she describes was the "most extraordinary and intense emotional relationship of my life".

She remembers, "ALDO was the most romantic-looking man I had ever met. He reminded me of my father. It was love at first sight. For the next four months, we met each evening and talked for hours.

"He would tell me of his incredible life. We listened to music and read poetry. He was the only one who could make any sense of my life at that point."

09/05/2005 21:20