THE BANGER SISTERS star Goldie Hawn credits her passion for perfume with her father's unusual practice of smelling savoury sauces in between sips of whisky.

The Hollywood actress has vivid memories of her dad, EDWARD RUTLEDGE HAWN, sitting down to glass of Jim Bean whisky - with bottles of horseradish and Worcestershire and steak sauces on the side for sniffing purposes.

She recalls, "He'd have a drink, of course his Scotch and soda... He would take a lovely drink and then his nostrils would fill up getting ready for the first whiff (of horseradish) that'd clear his palette.

"And then he'd take the Worcestershire sauce and he'd (sniff it) and then he'd take the A1 (steak) sauce and he would sniff that (and say), 'So girl, how was your day on a scale from one to 10?'

"It went on through a couple of Scotches at the end of his day and the good news is I had to think about how my day was, from one to 10.

"He just was an eccentric. He loved smell. Maybe that's why I have so much perfume on my table. I love smell."

24/05/2005 09:11