LATEST: Hollywood star Goldie Hawn has urged parents of abused children to stop making their children feel their lives are over.

The OSCAR-winning actress was sexually assaulted by a man twice her age when she was 11, but she wasn't left mentally scarred by the experience because her mother LAURA was calm and affectionate.

And Hawn now urges other parents to follow her mum's example.

Hawn says, "She was incredible. So many mothers would've been hysterical and acted like it was the worst thing that could possibly have happened. But mom just cuddled me, telling me it was the guy who had all the problems, not me.

"She said, 'I'm gonna sit here honey and tickle your back until you go to sleep. Tomorrow's Christmas.'

"So she didn't imprint what had just happened as a trauma in my mind or memory."

29/05/2005 10:57