Goldie Hawn has turned sex counsellor for her daughter Kate Hudson, as the new mum balances motherhood and being a rock star's wife.

Hudson admits the months leading up to her baby RYDER's birth in January (04), and the time immediately after, was a real strain on her marriage to former BLACK CROWES star CHRIS ROBINSON - so she turned to her mother for advice.

Hudson says, "It's the hardest stage right now but it all comes back to my mom. She always found time for the romance part of it, even when you knew she was tired.

"It's so easy to say, 'It's about my child.' People think that you can put your sexual life on hold, but you have to find time for it. Without that relationship, your family is broken. My mom really implanted that in me when I was pregnant.

"Men, at the end of the day, are not more needy, but they have more ego. Men need to feel desired. And, to me, they are. They're yummy.

"I tell Chris, 'When we hit the one-year mark as parents, that's when we take a vacation for ourselves.'"

28/05/2004 09:16