LATEST: Goldie Hawn has vowed to make a return to US TV show The View next month (JUN05), after a misunderstanding led to a dispute with one of its hosts yesterday (04MAY05).

The PRIVATE BENJAMIN star accused the show's co-host Star Jones of spreading rumours on air that she had split from longterm lover Kurt Russell last year (04).

While Jones denied it, producers scurried to look through footage of past shows, and discovered that the allegations were false.

Veteran journalist Barbara Walters, a host and executive producer on the show, explains, "When Goldie walked out yesterday, she accused Star of saying in a past programme that she and Kurt Russell had broken up and Star was justifiably very upset because (she) of course, never said it.

"We didn't know what happened so we checked back to the show and the show was seven months ago... We were talking about relationships and we brought up an item that we had read in the paper that Kurt and Goldie may have been having some problems...

"I said, 'We've read some sad news in the paper that Goldie and Kurt may have been having some problems,' and then we went on to say we didn't know if it was true or not...

"But some source obviously told Goldie that it was Star, just as some source told the paper that Goldie and Kurt were having troubles. So this morning Star and I talked to Goldie and we all laughed about it and we said from now on we are all going to check our sources. We had a wonderful time with Goldie yesterday, we love her a whole lot and we can't wait for her to come back."

05/05/2005 21:15