Actress Goldie Hawn is convinced her relationship with actor Kurt Russell has lasted 22 years because she lets him enjoy other women, spends time away from him and wears sexy clothes.

The PRIVATE BENJAMIN star urges other women to give their partners their own space and accept that infidelity is inevitable, if they want their romances to be as stable and satisfying as her partnership with the BACKDRAFT star.

She explains, "Put on really pretty clothes and make love. And do it differently. The other thing is, go away for a weekend. Separate. Don't be together. Stay away from each other - not for long periods of time, but for short ones.

"And the other aspect of it is that when men and women start saying, 'You looking at her?' don't say 'No', sop to it. Because this is why you fell in love. Other men found you attractive and you found other men attractive. It's a turn on. People cheat anyway. They do."

17/05/2005 14:04