Movie star Goldie Hawn has been convinced by publishers to change the title of her upcoming memoirs - because they didn't think fans would understand A LOTUS IN THE MUD.

The Private Benjamin actress wanted to give her autobiography the mystical name as an allusion to her spiritual interests - but after a meeting with her London-based publishers TRANSWORLD Hawn has consented to name the book HIGHER UP NEAR HEAVEN.

A Transworld insider reveals, "Goldie wanted to call it A Lotus In The Mud, to reflect her commitment to Buddhism. But we all thought that would never sell."

Transworld director PATRICK JANSON-SMITH confirms, "It's now going to be called Higher Up Near Heaven. It's the old Red Indian name for Goldie's hometown, Takoma Park in Maryland.

"She prefers to call it a memoir rather than an autobiography because, although it will cover various episodes in her past, it is not written in a linear way."

04/08/2004 13:26