Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn has revealed how smoking cannabis unleashed horrific psychological problems for her, in her sensational new autobiography A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD.

The PRIVATE BENJAMIN star smoked her first joint at the age of 21, and immediately fell seriously ill.

She recalls, "The first puff made me cough, but I drank a little wine to soothe my throat and I must have loosened up because before long, I was taking another drag.

"Suddenly my entire body began shaking uncontrollably, my heart thumped in my throat, the room started spinning and the noise was deafening."

As a result the glamorous actress suffered a long and unbearable episode of panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia.

She adds, "Smoking that one joint had triggered something in me, taking me to the brink of a deep psychological abyss. Thus began one of the scariest periods of my entire life."

09/05/2005 17:15