Goldie Hawn and Michelle Pfeiffer are competing to become the latest Hollywood leading ladies to take to the London stage.

Both actresses have made a positive response to approaches to appear in a new West End production of BRIAN McAVERA's PICASSO'S WOMEN - although neither will agree to star unless they approve of the choice of director.

McAvera says, "I can say at this stage that it will be either Michelle or Goldie. Obviously, only one of them will get the part, but each will appear only if certain directors are on board.

"There's currently a short-list of five acceptable directors, so we are running backwards and forwards to America in negotiations.

"Both Michelle and Goldie did theatre at the start of their careers, but it's been a very long time since either of them appeared on stage, so it would be a major coup if we could pull this off. The idea would be to give the show a West End run before moving it to Broadway (New York)."

08/08/2003 14:05