Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had a ''different kind of romance'' because they had children when they met.

The 'Death Becomes Her' actress met Kurt in 1983, and because she already had kids Oliver and Kate Hudson and he had son Boston, she admits The Early Years of their now 29-year-long relationship were unusual.

She said: ''The Beautiful Thing was he had children, and I had children - it was a different kind of romance because we loved the kids so much, it was all about the family. When we got together we had much bigger, broader views which was how much could he love my children.''

The pair have remained unmarried for the time they have been together, but she admits they did consider tying the knot but when they asked their children in the late 1980s, they all told them not to do it.

Speaking on UK TV show 'This Morning', she said: ''I didn't want to be married because I did that already, and it didn't work, so why would I do it again? Kurt felt the same way. We were in love, and at that point in time a piece of paper, to us, didn't mean anything. I failed twice, he failed once.

''We asked the kids after we'd been together about five years, 'What do you think, should we get married?' and they all went, 'No! We love it!' so we didn't get married.''