Goldie Hawn is teaching children how to relax.

The 'Cactus Flower' actress - who founded the Hawn Foundation - has set up the new MindUp  programme to help teach children how to boost their learning ability through breathing exercises, Buddhist mindfulness training and relaxation techniques.

She said: "It teaches children how their minds work, it teaches them to recognise stress, and when they do, it gives them tools to deal with it. All of this is wrapped around the curriculum, so it doesn't take time from the academics."

Goldie is delighted by the results of her programme.

She explained: "We have done tests that show there was better attendance, that their aggression went down in the playground, that their optimism went up to 63 per cent. It's been done by neuroscientists from the University of British Columbia. People who have been doing this for 30 years."

The 64-year-old star - who is the mother of Kate Hudson, and has been dating Kurt Russell for 25 years - is currently working with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to implement her scheme in British schools.