The 70-year-old actress will portray the comedienne's mother in a forthcoming as-yet-untitled comedy, and the beloved star's appearance will mark her first in a major motion picture since The Banger Sisters was released in 2002.

And although many fans are hoping Goldie's new film will kickstart her return to Hollywood in a big way, she urges them not to get too excited.

"(I'm) not doing this to re-establish a career," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I didn't go out (looking for a role), it came to me."

The Death Becomes Her star admits after spending decades in the movie industry, she grew tired of being onscreen, and her sole motivation to sign up for the picture with Amy stems from her love of comedy.

"I was happy not to be in the makeup trailer," she confessed, "but it got to a point when I thought, 'Gee, you know, it might be fun to make people laugh again'."

"We are going to do a really funny movie together," Goldie said of her Schumer project. "It's going to be a blast."

In the last decade, Goldie has been dedicating a significant amount of time to her children's charity, The Hawn Foundation, an organisation devoted to improving youngsters' educational performance, and she stepped away from acting to follow her philanthropic pursuits - because they became more fulfilling for her than starring in a movie.

"Running a foundation is like running a business," she explained. "I was doing something that just filled my heart. (Running my foundation) is the greatest thing that I’ve ever done - ever."