Goldie Hawn has mixed emotions about her son's ice hockey passions - because, though the sport is turning the teenager into a fine young man, she can't bear to watch when he's beaten by an opponent.

Hawn and partner Kurt Russell moved to Vancouver, Canada to support their son Wyatt's hockey ambitions, and now he's on the verge of a major scholarship to play the sport in college and become a future great.

But Hawn admits she's often torn between her son's love for the game and the dangers the sport presents.

She says, "I'm a real hockey mum (but) being a goal tender's mother is something else because they get sucker punched.

"One day, Wyatt was in goal and some guy just hits him over the head with a hockey stick and he falls and he get concussion. I was furious.

"I mean he wasn't looking, he was in goal, he was ready, he was set up and this guy just comes and smacks the heck out of him. This game is tough.

"What I did was I said, `I hate this game... Why is he playing hockey?' Ofcourse, Wyatt comes home from the hospital, he's totally cool...The next morning he's out on the rink again.

"It's the greatest builder of character there is."

14/05/2005 01:08