Goldie Hawn says the sequel to 'First Wives Club' didn't go ahead because of pay issues.

The 71-year-old Hollywood legend had the lead part as Elise Elliot Atchison in the 1996 movie - which followed three vengeful ex-wives played by Goldie, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton - who teach the young ones how it is done, but has revealed the next instalment in the franchise didn't go ahead because she was insulted by the salary she was offered.

Speaking to Total Film, she said: ''When you are trying to develop a movie as a sequel to 'The First Wives Club'... and that movie does so well and you're on the cover of Time and all that stuff when you do that the studio gets excited and we all took a cut.

''But because they were afraid of women of a certain age, when they came to do the sequel they wanted to pay us exactly the same amount.

''It was such an insult. That's the kind of stuff I look at and I go 'you know what, I'm taking this other movie'.

''I got paid very little for it and that movie was 'Banger Sister' and I love that movie. She was a great character.

''It wasn't about the money it was about respect.

''It was about being treated that way which was awful. Unheard of!''

After almost five decades in the movie business, Goldie has finally been given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and revealed that her husband Kurt Russell of 34 years only agreed to have one if his spouse got one too.

She said: ''It's a lovely thing but I'll tell you what's more important is that Kurt was asked to have his done and he said 'I don't want to do it unless Goldie has one with me'.

''So when we do it we're going to do it together.''

Goldie currently stars alongside Amy Schumer in comedy film 'Snatched'.