Goldie Hawn is a "dreamer".

The 'Cactus Flower' actress admits she is a "humanitarian" who only wants the best from life and loves nothing more than listening to children giggling.

She said: "I'm a humanitarian. I'm a dreamer, someone who wishes the best for mankind. I get angry at lies, and I get angry at ill-intended people. I think the thing that thrills me the most in life, aside from seeing a happy child giggle, is human spirit.

"I'm not an animal-crazy person, you know. I don't have a house full of cats. But animals, children, elderly people. that's my level of empathy."

Goldie has always been known for her fun-loving ways, but the 64-year-old star insists there is more to her than her "ditzy" personality.

She added: "I have a side that is contemplative. When I was younger I was this sort of ditzy young comedienne, and people loved to see me laugh, and when I wasn't they would say to me, 'Oh come on Goldie, smile!' I used to say to them, 'Well give me a reason to smile.' Because I do get sad, and I do get hurt, and I do get let down and I do care."