Goldie Hawn was told daughter Kate Hudson was a boy when she was first born.

The actress was always convinced she would have a little girl while pregnant, but doctors initially disagreed with her when Kate arrived into the world on April 19 1979.

Goldie recalled: "I was lying there and they were slicing and dicing or whatever, I had a C-section, I had my nails done ... and all of sudden, out she comes and they said, 'It's a boy!' And I said, 'No it's a girl!' And, by the way, I didn't know what it was. I just felt that it was a girl. And then they said, 'Oh, no it's a girl!' And I said, 'What part of her anatomy were you looking at?!' "

Goldie also had to change the name she was originally going to give Kate as she wasn't "gentle" enough to carry it off.

Speaking ELLE's 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute, Goldie said: "I was on the 405, and she was inside me, and I was fooling around, and I felt really good, about eight months pregnant, and I was going to name her Rebecca because it was biblical and romantic and gentle. All of sudden, she punched me so hard in my you-know-where. I screamed and I said, 'Oh my God. This is a Kate, not a Rebecca!' She is a Kate!"