The Trainwreck star's father, Gordon, has been battling multiple sclerosis for the past 22 years, and Amy even incorporated her family's personal struggles into the storyline for her blockbuster film, in which her onscreen father, played by Colin Quinn, also suffers from MS.

Amy is gearing up to co-star with Goldie in a mother/daughter action comedy, written by Amy's sister Kim Caramele, and the comedienne didn't pass up the opportunity to introduce her new on-screen mum to her real-life father, who just happens to be Goldie's number one fan.

In a video posted on Twitter, Amy is seen sitting next to her wheelchair-bound father, holding up her mobile while she FaceTimes with Goldie.

Amy says in the video, "He keeps saying that we're playing sisters, and I'm like, 'No!' You're the love of his life - you (to her dad) can tell her!"

Gordon bashfully admits, "You're the love of my life. In real life," as Goldie responds, "I am?"

Amy also added the caption, "Face timing with the goddess @goldiehawn who made my fathers dreams come true."