British bands THE HOOSIERS and Goldfrapp have reportedly been asked to pen a track for soft drinks giant Coca-Cola.

The company is said to be keen to sign up popular UK acts as part of its forthcoming advertising campaign.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a source said advertising is a good way for bands to get reach a wider audience and make some extra money in the wake of the economic slowdown.

"You'd have thought a band like Goldfrapp, who are considered to be quite cool, would shun such an offer but they saw Jack White do it and realised it would be silly to immediately dismiss the offer," said the insider.

The source added that, while bands do not want to be seen as "sell-outs", it is "hugely flattering" to be offered a deal from such an internationally-recognised brand.

JACK WHITE'S duet with Alicia Keys - the theme to recent Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE - was used by Coke Zero last year.

07/01/2009 11:11:33