Goldfrapp have teased a comeback.

The 'Ooh La La' hitmakers - comprised of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory - have set up a new Instagram account with what looks like the album cover of their seventh studio album, which will be their first release in three years.

Alongside the picture of two identical blonde girls, naked showing plenty of side boob with black paint on their arms, they wrote: ''#goldfrapp7. (sic)''

The Grammy Award-winning electronic duo's last record was 2013's 'Tale Of Us'.

Speaking at the time, frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp, 50, said she prefers the music they make which has a more ''simple'' and ''acoustic'' sound, which could mean that's what fans can expect from their next outing.

She previously said: ''We've always had these two worlds that exist alongside each other -- the sort of more pastoral, orchestral sound and then this much harder, synthetic sound. I love both, but I'd say I think this more acoustic, simple sound is where my heart is at. All the artists that I really love and listen to all the time and always go back to are of that ilk. That's what I feel really passionate about.''

And she also teased that this sound is something they want to delve into more.

She added: ''You know, I love singing 'Strict Machine'. I never get bored of that song. I love it and still find it really exciting. But I love this, and I feel somehow that I can explore this world more. And I feel very comfortable with that.''