Gok Wan's dog helps inspire his charity work.

The 'How To Look Good Naked' host has revealed how regular walks with his French bulldog Dolly led to him getting involved with the Brainstrust organisation - which he has featured on his website gokwan.com as his charity of the month.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I know Megan (Megan Jones, Brainstrust's icon) - we walk our dogs together so I spoke to her about it.

''And the charity of the month on the website has really taken off and it's a great place for people to get slightly more aware and for people to know who they (the charities) are. We drive Traffic for them.''

Gok is the new ambassador for Vodafone's World of Difference UK programme which gives 500 people the chance to work for a charity of their choice, and get paid for their time (vodafone.co.uk/worldofdifference).

The TV presenter wanted to get involved with the project because he can help so many different charities through his involvement.

Speaking about Vodafone's World of Difference, he said: ''The idea of me getting involved with World of Difference is the fact that they effect so many different charities. I go and do a makeover, present an award thing and I'm working for just one charity whereas with this, because we place 500 people every year with a different charity, it gives me a chance to work with a complete broad spectrum of charities. So there's very small ones all the way through to the big ones so that was my main stimulus.''