Godsmack's latest release FACELESS has debuted at the top spot on America's album charts - with sales exceeding 250,000 copies.

Faceless is the band's third album, and frontman SULLY ERNA believes its success may be due to the fact it's a little less angry and a little bit more mature than 1997's Godsmack and 2000's AWAKE.

He explains, "It's a bit more musical at times, it's a bit more melodic, but it's still raw.

"It's still tough. It's still got that Godsmack edge to it, but it's not quite as angry, maybe, as the past stuff has been. But it's still got it's rawness - well, I shouldn't say that.

"There's a couple of nasty f***ing songs on this record. But all in all I think it's just really, I think, some well written stuff. I'm really proud of it."