Gnarls Barkley's pop anthem CRAZY has topped another US magazine poll as the single of 2006. Just days after the catchy tune claimed the top spot in Rolling Stone's annual poll, the track beat The Killers' WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG and Christina Aguilera's AIN'T NO OTHER MAN to the top of Spin magazine's year-end singles list. Spin's top 10 hits are: 1. CRAZY by GNARLS BARKLEY 2. WHEN WE WERE YOUNG by THE KILLERS 3. AIN'T NO OTHER MAN by CHRISTINA AGUILERA 4. WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE by My Chemical Romance 5. WOLF LIKE ME by TV ON THE RADIO 6. HUSTLIN' by Rick Ross 7. RIDIN' by Chamillionaire 8. STEADY AS SHE GOES by The Raconteurs 9. SMILE by Lily Allen 10. RISE UP WITH FISTS! by JENNY LEWIS WITH THE WATSON TWINS