The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You hitmaker first met Emilio at a music session in 1975, but they didn't become a couple right away - even though she was immediately smitten with him.

"In comes Emilio," Gloria tells U.S. TV host Lara Spencer in an upcoming interview for the series People Icons: Celebrity Love Stories. "He's playing the accordion in very short shorts, and he looked like he was naked, so that was the first impression that I got."

The future couple met again at a wedding a few months later, when Gloria was with her mum.

"I walk in the door, and there (he is) playing The Hustle," she continues. "He tracked me down two weeks later."

The couple began working together as part of a wedding band after meeting, but they kept their relationship professional because Emilio had a girlfriend.

"We had chemistry for sure," she says. "But he had an older girlfriend, and he was my boss..."

The couple's first date was a screening of Mel Brooks' comedy Young Frankenstein and shortly after the magical night Gloria knew she would spend the rest of her life with Emilio.

"I knew I was going to marry this man," she says.

But Gloria's mother was not thrilled with the idea of Emilio dating her daughter: "My mom wouldn't have liked anybody, she was very protective," she adds. "She loved the idea of Emilio until he actually asked me out."

"She was afraid of me being in the music business... and she said, 'I hope he doesn't go on drugs or alcohol'," he adds.

Emilio won Gloria's mother over and the couple wed in 1978. They are now parents to son Nayib and daughter Emily.