Gloria Estefan turned the making of her new album Little Miss Havana into a complete family affair - she recruited her teenage daughter to play guitar on one of the songs.
The singer has long collaborated with her producer husband Emilio Estefan on her music and she decided to bring 16-year-old Emily into the studio to show off her skills on the track On.
Speaking on U.S. talk show The View on Monday (26Sep11), Estefan explained, "(Producer) Black Dada is an amazing Haitian artist and... he is a big Emily fan and he goes, 'Emily, I want you to do a solo on this', and she does an amazing shredding solo on a song called On, a very sexy song, and she ripped it! It was great; it was fantastic."
And Estefan admits it was a real treat for young Emily to see her parents at work - especially with superproducer Pharrell Williams helping out on the project.
She added, "My favourite thing about recording the record with Pharrell is she would come into the studio every day after school... and it was like a masterclass for her to watch this thing happening, it was cool."