Singer Gloria Estefan plans to make a film about Connie Francis - because they have a "psychic" connection to each other.
The Latina star felt so drawn to the 1960s legend that she considered making a movie about her - and made up her mind after a chilling coincidence.
Oye mi Canto singer Estefan says, "I had this psychic feeling that I would have something to do with this woman. I always listened to her and her voice made my hair stand on end. I was drawn to her.
"Then I read her biography - she had been raped, her brother was killed by the Mafia, her father was psychologically abusive and had her committed. I called my office and said if I ever wanted to do a movie, this would be it.
"And by sheer coincidence Connie phoned my office that week and she wanted to meet me."
Estefan reveals that the film deal was sealed when the two met and Francis told her: "You are me. I want you to do the story of my life."
She adds: "It's going to be heavy-duty. I've been studying very hard and we hope to get going next year (09)."