Cuban-born singer Gloria Estefan has her own theory behind her country's leader Fidel Castro's decision to burn his underwear - he suffers from incontinence! The TURN THE BEAT AROUND hitmaker's late father Jose Fajardo was a prisoner of Castro's government following the ill-fated Bay Of Pigs invasion in 1961, which prompted her family to leave Cuba for Miami, Florida, when the singer was just 16 months old. During a recent promotional talk for her forthcoming New York concert, Estefan was asked what she thought of recent news that the 78-year-old incinerates his briefs over fears the garments will be poisoned by anti-communist Cubans. Estefan tells the New York Daily News, "My theory is that's not the real reason he burns his underwear. "I have a feeling maybe he's kind of (incontinent) lately and maybe he doesn't want anyone seeing the evidence."