Latina pop star Gloria Estefan was forced to watch her recovery from a horror crash that almost ended her life, after her filmmaker son NAYIB chose to use the footage in a new candid video.

The CUTS BOTH WAYS singer gave Nayib "free reign" to compile a documentary on her life so that fans could appreciate what life is like for the Estefans.

The finished film, FAMOUS, is being released to fans with new album UNWRAPPED, and Estefan admits watching it was both amazing and tough - especially images from a 1990 tour bus crash which left the singer fighting for life.

She says, "Nayib studies film and he has made me films all through his life for anniversaries and birthdays, so I knew he'd do a good job.

"I've never watched most of this stuff. He dug into old videos that he and my husband EMILIO have shot over the years. The accident and the way he dealt with it was really cool. I've never seen that footage. It surprised me."

30/09/2003 01:56