Debrahlee Lorenzana - the woman who made headlines in 2010 after she was reportedly fired for being "too sexy" - has hit out at attorney Gloria Allred for her handling of the case. The buxom banker sued her employer Citigroup after they allegedly sacked her because her assets were becoming a distraction to co-workers.

At the time, Debrahlee chose Allred to represent her - the attorney has been involved in high profile cases concerning Britney Spears and Tiger Woods - though now regrets her decision. She told the New York Daily News, "If I could turn back time, I would have not chosen Gloria Allred as my lawyer.I thought because she was a woman that she would really fight for me". In response, Allred says her team "put in hundreds of hours" fighting for Lorenzana's case, though noted, "Due to our legal obligations as attorneys, we were required to withdraw". The comments become more pertinent considering Allred is now representing Lauren Odes - who claims her employer tried to get her to "tape her breasts down" while in the workplace. Lorenzana says she feels for Ms Odes, saying, "Nobody should be fired because of their physical appearance.I feel sorry for the girl".

Allred announced last week that she would also be representing one of the male masseurs accusing John Travolta of sexual assault.