Glenn Close found it difficult playing Cruella De Vil in '101 Dalmatians' because the dogs were afraid of her.

The 71-year-old actress has admitted it was tough playing the villainous Cruella - who wants to steal a hoard of puppies to make her new coat - in the 1996 live-action comedy as all of the animals on her ''didn't want anything to do with her'' while shooting.

Speaking to Deadline, she said: ''That was hard because when I was in full drag Cruella all those wonderful little dogs didn't want anything to do with me.''

The 'Fatal Attraction' star found it easier to channel the antagonist when she put on the character's iconic make-up and black and white wig.

She said: ''There's certain characters that I've played like Cruella ... that when you're in the full drag there she is.''

And Glenn also divulged that she still gets stopped by fans who recognise her from the role.

Asked for what role she gets stopped the most by fans for, she explained: ''Cruella because kids are in college now grew up with me as Cruella which is a little sobering.''

Glenn also opened up about her latest film 'The Wife', and she felt it was ''extraordinary'' that the movie was largely created by women.

She said: ''It was new territory for me. It was new kind of emotional psychological territory and I'm always kind of intrigued by that and I thought it was a really beautifully written script.'' It's extraordinary because Jane wrote the script over 14 years ago but the thing I'm very proud of for this movie we have a female editor a female costumer, many female producers, female composer, a beautiful score it's incredible how things work out sometimes.''