Glenn Close and John Lithgow paid tribute to late director Mike Nichols onstage following a performance of their Broadway play A Delicate Balance.

The Graduate moviemaker passed away on Wednesday (19Nov14) at the age of 83, just 10 days after he visited the John Golden Theater to watch the production and meet the cast backstage.

At the end of the opening night performance on Thursday (20Nov14), the stars of the show staged a tribute to the director after taking their bows. Lithgow revealed Nichols had seemed "frail but enthusiastic" during the backstage meeting, while his co-star Bob Balaban credited the moviemaker with kicktsarting his career, adding, "He gave me my first Broadway role, my first movie role and my shrink."

The cast then ended the tribute by leading the audience in a rendition of the song Happy Trails, which is traditionally sung backstage at Broadway shows to mark the departure of a cast member.