Actress Glenn Close loves the anonymity of living in New York - because she can go about her business without a constant trail of photographers.
The Fatal Attraction star moved to the city in 1974 and has stayed in the Big Apple ever since, despite movie industry pressure to move to Hollywood.
And Connecticut-born Close insists she will never leave her adopted home, because she enjoys the relaxed atmosphere in the city, which is in sharp contrast to the paparazzi-ridden streets of Los Angeles.
She says, "I love New Yorkers, I love the fact that I can go on the subway and I love the fact that I can do public transport.
"The only people who bother me is the odd tourist. On the subway someone will catch my eye and give me a thumbs-up.
"I just love that I don't have to have make-up on - I can look horrible and nobody cares. It's hard for me to believe it would be the same thing in Hollywood without someone with a camera hiding behind a market basket trying to get you picking your nose or something."