Radio host Glenn Beck has signed a $100 million deal to distribute his popular radio show for a further five years. The conservative pundit penned the deal with syndicator Premiere Networks Inc and announced the agreement on Monday (June 11, 2012), reports Reuters.
Beck had also hosted his own television show on the Fox News channel until April last year, though left amid plummeting ratings. Perhaps surprisingly, his radio show has always maintained his loyal following and has recorded a growth rate of 50 per cent in the last five years. 'The Glenn Beck Show' is now the third most popular radio show in the United States, behind fellow conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Despite being a hugely successful broadcaster, Beck is often the subject of mockery and ridicule, especially by a number of humorists and comedians, particularly Jason Sudeikis on 'Saturday Night Live', The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of 'The Colbert Report'.
Nevertheless, Beck has also found success in other fields too, and reached No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller List in four separate categories in 2010. He dominated the 'Hardcover Non-Fiction', 'Paperback Non-Fiction', 'Hardcover Fiction' and 'Children's Picture Books' sections in the same year. His company 'Mercury Radio Arts' has also extended their deal with numerous lucrative advertisers and sponsors.