Glen Matlock is offering a ''substantial reward'' to the person who helps find his three ''stolen'' guitars.

The former Sex Pistols star - who was their original bass player on-and-off from 1975 to 2008 - has issued a statement after the expensive equipment including a classic Ivory Fender and a Modern Mexican Precision Bass went missing recently near to his home in the W9 area of London, and has said he is willing to fork out a large sum of money to anyone who can supply him with information regarding the missing items.

Alongside pictures of himself playing with the stringed instruments posted on Facebook on Saturday (10.12.16), he wrote: ''The following 3 guitars have recently been stolen from near my London W9 home.

1961 Ivory Fender Precision Bass

Modern Mexican Black Precision Bass with changed tortoise shell pick guard

Blonde Guild D37 Acoustic with built in pick up.

All were in soft cases.

Please keep an eye out for them.

A substantial reward will be paid for the information leading to their recovery.

Many thanks,

Glen. (sic)''

It comes after the son of the late manager of the Sex Pistols burned memorabilia worth millions.

Joe Corre, the son of Malcolm McLauren - who passed away in 2010 - and Vivienne Westwood, set fire to the extensive piles of punk memorabilia on a boat in central London to mark the 40th anniversary since the iconic band's hit single 'Anarchy in the UK'.

The total value of the merchandise is thought to be somewhere between £5 million and £10 million, and consisted of clothes, posters, and other music based memorabilia.

Matlock dubbed Joe as a ''nincompoop'' - a foolish or silly person.

He said: ''I want to paraphrase Monty Python - he's not the saviour, he's a naughty boy. I think that Joe is not the anti-Christ, I think he's a nincompoop.''