Country superstar Glen Campbell has been granted a temporary reprieve from his upcoming jail sentence - so he could perform at an important gig.

The 67-year-old - who was arrested for being drunk while driving in November (03) - begged the court to allow him to sing at yesterday's (13JUN04) COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION MUSIC FESTIVAL in Nashville, Tennessee before he begins 10 days in jail and 75 hours of community service, on Tuesday (15JUN04).

Campbell was arrested last year (03) near his Phoenix home after leaving the scene of a drink-driving accident and while in custody he allegedly kneed a police officer.

Phoenix police sergeant RANDY FORCE says, "Officers contacted the driver of that BMW who was Glen Campbell. Based on his appearance and demeanour, they believed he was intoxicated and took him into custody."

14/06/2004 17:21