Country star Glen Campbell has finally confessed he was sipping from a half gallon bottle of rum minutes before he hit another car and drove off - leading to his arrest on drink driving charges last November (03).

The singer has just completed a 10-night jail spell after being found guilty of extreme drink driving in Arizona, and has insisted until now that he was simply "over-served" rum and cokes at a country club, where he had played golf hours before he drove off in a silver BMW.

But on American news show DATELINE on Friday night (23JUL04), Campbell admitted he stopped off at a grocery store to buy more liquor.

He told host Stone Phillips, "I don't remember leaving the golf course but what I did in the meantime, I had stopped off at a Safeway I think, a grocery store, and got a half a gallon of rum and I had drank out the top of that.

"I found that out the next day. I was wondering how I got that way (drunk) on two rum and cokes. "I was totally blank for about five hours. It was a total blackout."

Police arrested Campbell at his home after the singer hit another car and drove off without stopping, the other motorist in the collision reported the hit-and-run incident to police - Campbell has no recollection of the crash.

26/07/2004 02:45