Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confessed the series' writers will reveal how Cory Monteith's character died, but they are holding off on the explanation as they are still coping with his loss.

The 31-year-old actor died in July (13) after a heroin and alcohol binge, and his character on the hit series, Finn Hudson, was also given a final farewell, in an emotional episode which aired in the U.S. last week (10Oct13).

The episode picked up three weeks after Hudson's funeral, but a number of fans were left disappointed when it was not explained how his character passed away on the show.

Murphy, who wrote the episode, tells Access Hollywood that fans will get closure when it comes to Hudson's death, but viewers should not expect it any time soon.

He explains, "It's still such raw nerve for me. I still find it so painful to talk about and write about. We barely got through writing that episode. It was very heavy hearts. So I don't know, I'm sure at one point we will (explain his death). I think we have an obligation to sort of tell people how, but not any time soon."

Murphy also revealed Glee will end next year (14) after six seasons.