Glee star Matthew Morrison feared he was destroying SIR Elton John's classics when they teamed up to record new versions of the superstar's songs - because he was "so used" to hearing the originals.
The singer/actor landed the special collaboration for his upcoming solo album, Bringing It to the Masses, and recently hit the studio with John to complete the tracks.
But Morrison admits he was star-struck the whole time they were working - and he was convinced his vocals were not up to par.
He tells, "(It was) an out-of-body experience. I didn't really believe it was actually happening.
"I actually felt like I was a bad singer because we were singing a couple of his songs, and you're so used to hearing that voice on these songs, and I'm like, 'I don't sound good on these songs.'"
Morrison claims the duet was meant to be a secret - but John is so proud of the work, which he's described as "really fantastic", he's been "telling everyone".
The TV star says, "It was supposed to be a secret that he was going to be on my album, but he's kind of telling everyone. So I guess we can talk about it. He's just the most loving man, and we had the best time. He was so giving and so supportive. We just had a ball."