Glee star Matthew Morrison was taken on a trip down memory lane when he recently appeared on U.S. TV's LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN - he landed his big break on the same programme 12 years ago.
Morrison made his TV debut on funnyman Letterman's show in 1999, when he was a budding actor studying at the prestigious New York University.
He landed a spot as a member of a spoof boyband for one episode of the programme, which kick-started his whole career.
Returning to the Late Show earlier this week (ends27Feb11), he told Letterman, "My career started right there on this stage. Back in 1999 I was an NYU college kid... My second audition was for this fake boyband that you put together called Fresh Step... So I auditioned for it and I got it."
Letterman showed a clip of the star singing and dancing in the fake five piece and Morrison made sure to thank the presenter for helping him break into showbusiness.
The appearance made him a hit with friends back in his native California and that gig led him to the bright lights of Broadway: "It was such a validation for all my friends at home because they were sitting on their couch... 'cause you know, you grow up in Southern California, you're going to cold New York, then they're like, 'Oh, he's on the Late Show, in a boyband, he's made it!' So thank you. And then I dropped out (of college).
"After that, the guy who was the choreographer for that (boyband) thing was the choreographer for a show called Footloose, which was my first Broadway show. Legitimate stepping stone. You saved me about 75 grand on tuition!"