Billboard have published a recap of last night's Glee episode, which was a tribute to Michael Jackson. It was the eleventh episode in the third series of the popular show, which blends youth drama and musical theatre and Billboard summed it up by describing the episode as "more songs, more fantasy, less talking and less adults." It would appear that the show's producers let the music do the talking last night, with the "emotional speeches" merely providing bookends to the musical numbers, which were "strong, fantastical and poignant to the story."
The highlight of the episode appears to be New Directions' rendition of 'Bad', the classic Michael Jackson hit, which has them dueling with The Warblers in a 'Jackson-off.' Entertainment Weekly have reassured fans who didn't catch the show last night, asserting that the Jackson tribute has worked out better that the "bloated" tribute to Lady GaGa and that it's more engaging than the Madonna episode, which they describe as "mostly just a fun diversion." Their nod to the King of Pop, apparently, contained "some of this season's best dramatic and musical performances."
Praise for the Jacko tribute continued on the Washington Post's Celebritology blog, which hailed last night as having "featured some of the most memorable dialogue in Glee history." However, the blog author, Jen Chaney was critical of the musical numbers and wanted more of a unique interpretation of the songs. Instead, it would appear, they were "weak imitations" of Jackson's own previous performances.