Glee star Dot-marie Jones will have to rethink her wardrobe for the upcoming Emmy Awards after fracturing her foot.
The actress, who plays Coach Shannon Beiste on the hit musical show, is up for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series at the prizegiving next month (Sep11).
But the star will have to plan an outfit around her new accessories - she's sporting a cast and crutches after fracturing a bone in her foot on Friday (05Aug11).
Jones tells Access Hollywood, "I just fractured a bone in my foot last night, so I'm gonna have to rethink what I'm gonna wear. I'm gonna totally do a pantsuit or something. I'm not the dress-wearing (type). I haven't worn a dress since I had to, and that was, I think, graduation.
"I was going out of the house... (and) I took like, five steps and I heard this loud pop. I fractured a bone on the outside of my foot right down from my little pinky toe."