The actor/singer reveals he drew inspiration for the emotional track from his own break-up history, and the lyrics hint at a drug overdose suffered by the unidentified woman when their romance turned sour.

"Hold On is definitely one of the most meaningful songs I have written," he tells "Through my own experiences in a pretty tumultuous relationship I realised you can still love someone unconditionally even when it's over."

On the song, Chord sings: "You locked yourself in the bathroom/Lying on the floor when I break through/I pull you in to feel your heartbeat/Can you hear me screaming, 'Please don't leave me?'"

"I'd kind of been through a rough relationship that had its ups and downs - it was kinda crazy, back and forth," he continues about the inspiration behind the tune. "I feel like a lot of people have gone through that, and the picture that I wanted to paint was kind of the unconditional love that person, even though something may end, it's kind of always kind of haunting you a little bit."

The 27-year-old is now using his own troubled love life to help others struggling with their emotions by joining forces with officials at non-profit group To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), which aims to provide hope and help for those battling addiction and feelings of depression, self-harm, and suicide.

In a post on Twitter, he writes, "I hope Hold On has inspired you to never give up. I've partnered with @TWLOHA to encourage those who need a support system to reach out."