'Glee' star Amber Riley doesn't make New Year's resolutions.

The actress - who plays Mercedes Jones in the musical drama series - prefers to act immediately if there is something in her life she wants to change.

She said: "I don't make resolutions - why wait to do tomorrow what you can do today?"

The 24-year-old star is looking forward to 2011 and finishing the current series of 'Glee' - which follows the lives of the members of the show's titular singing club.

She added: "In 2011 I just want to keep working on my dream and finish season two of 'Glee' with a bang!"

One storyline definitely confirmed for 'Glee' in the New Year is a cameo by Katie Couric.

The 'CBS Evening News' anchor will appear as herself in the series' post-Superbowl episode, which will air on February 6.

Although her storyline is yet to be confirmed, Katie will appear in scenes with cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, who is played Jane Lynch.