Glee star Dianna Agron learned she shares her father's allergy towards cats the hard way - after she and co-star Lea Michele took two strays in when they lived together.
The actress cautiously agreed to look after the kittens after a hairdresser found them on the lot where Glee is shot.
The stylist couldn't take the cats home herself, so, after making sure they had had all their shots and vaccines, she asked the roommates if they'd look after them.
Agron picks up the tale: "I was trying to recall if I'm allergic to cats or not because my dad is and I never had them around. It turned out I was. Not terribly, but on a scale of one to 10, maybe about a five. So they came and lived with us and they were quite interesting.
"I was going to work (with) blood-shot (eyes), a puffy face... but they were really sweet, so how can you kick them out."
Agron put up with the strays until she and Michele decided to get their own places.
She adds, "Lea still has the kitties."