Indie party girl PEACHES GELDOF has been given a tongue-lashing by rockers THE ENEMY at the Glastonbury Festival, with the band branding 18-year-old Peaches a "nobody".

Peaches, the daughter of Live Aid organiser SIR Bob Geldof, was thrown out of the band's Winnebago backstage at The Music festival after she annoyed frontman TOM CLARKE.

According to the Mirror, Peaches left in floods of tears, while celebrities including Pete Doherty, Kate Moss, THE Scissor Sisters and The Kooks looked on laughing.

Tom told the paper: "She kept coming into our trailer all high and mighty nicking all our food. We were p***ed off with her for that, but then she started taking the p*** singing our song AWAY FROM HERE and that was that."

He said he then booted her out and told her she was a "nobody".

The lead singer then really laid into the youngster, adding: "She's a rich posh kid who's just the daughter of Bob Geldof. Most bands couldn't give a f*** about her.

"Just what is the point of her being backstage? It's really embarrassing. Just who is she exactly?"

Glastonbury ended last night with The Who closing the festival, which suffered tremendous downpours and miserable conditions.

25/06/2007 11:47:25