MICHAEL EAVIS, founder of the Glastonbury Festival, is one of the most influential people on Earth, according to Time magazine.

Eavis, who divides his time between farming and putting on one of the world's most famous music events, is featured in the publication's annual 100 list.

Not only is he one of the few British people to make the grade, he lines up alongside UK politicians such as London mayor Boris Johnson and the prime minister.

Writing in Time, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, paid tribute to Eavis, explaining just how influential his festival is.

He said: "We've headlined other festivals, but Glastonbury is the only one that feels like - and is - a family event. It's also the only one where we received some handmade cheese as a thank you."

Martin, the songwriter behind hits such as VIVA LA VIDA, added that he owes his "life and career" to Eavis who he described as being like a "friendly uncle".

The band spat out their drinks when they were invited to headline Glastonbury, something which "remains the biggest event in our band's life", Martin added.

Playing there "changed everything" for Coldplay, he noted.

However, Eavis is still committed to the area in which he lives and every year does a thank-you event for its population, this once saw Martin and his bandmates play a gig at "a little fete"

Recently, Eavis missed out on the title of most influential music executive of the last 50 years at the Music Week Awards.

The festival organiser was up against George Martin, famous for his work with THE Beatles and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who walked off with the gong.

Blackwell was the man who gave U2 their first break and he also signed up reggae legend Bob Marley during his time at the company.

01/05/2009 11:18:41