Michael Eavis is to step down from running the Glastonbury Festival.

The farmer has been arranging the world-famous music event at his Worthy Farm in Somerset, England, since it began in 1970 but says he plans to completely hand it over to daughter Emily - currently co-organiser - and her fiancé Nick in 2011 after "two more complete years" at the helm, gradually reducing his role between now and then.

He said: "I'm living on top of the hill now, away from the farm. So Emily's taking over the house, which is nice. A new generation of Eavises can live here.

"I still feel I have an important role to play. Even if I go I'll worry about the drains, the rubbish, the recycling. There will be a gradual process of her and Nick taking it over."

Michael also spoke about last year's controversial headliner Jay-Z, revealing he was only booked after Radiohead declined to play.

Speaking about booking the '99 Problems' star on Emily's advice, he told Britain's The Guardian newspaper: "It was either that or cancel the show.

"I knew she had sensible ideas so I had to go with that. It was the last throw of the dice for me. We either throw the dice or abandon the festival."