With the sun shining and the prospect of good weather ahead peoples attentions are turning towards what is probably the most talked about music festival in the world, Glastonbury Festival. When asked by Contactmusic.com in a recent interview, Martin Fitzgerald of the ticket giant SeeTickets highlighted a number of reasons for the increase in sales, "As Glastonbury draws nearer, a buzz and excitement naturally starts to build up around the event and people realise that they don't want to be watching it on T.V, wishing they were there, they actually want to be there and experience the festival in all it's glory. Also the fact that The Met Office is predicting some fine weather for the weekend always helps with these sorts of decisions! Finally, it's made a big difference that you can pay on credit card rather than just a debit card. A lot of people were telling us that they were desperate to go but just couldn't afford it at the moment. Being allowed to book by Credit Card has certainly helped some people.

When asked if Martin expected GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL to reuse the ticket registration system next year, he responded "GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL is committed to fans paying the right price for their ticket and will do everything they can to make sure the tickets don't fall into the hands of people who are trying to rip customers off. The registration system protects the genuine fan so I fully expect to see it come back next year. What we've done this year though is to keep it open so that you can register your details now and then book shortly afterwards. The difficulty has been getting this message out. The amount of people that I meet that either think it's sold out or they can't go because they haven't registered is staggering.

Registration is actually a very simple process and takes under 5 minutes at http://www.glastonburyregistration.co.uk and then under then 5 minutes to book your ticket. Within 10 minutes you are going to Glastonbury !

So people not wanting to miss out on acts like Kings Of Leon, The Fratellis, Editors, THE Gossip, The Feeling, Panic At The Disco, The Enemy, We Are Scientists, JAY-Z, Amy Winehouse, Massive Attack, Hot Chip, The Verve, Leonard Cohen, Goldfrapp, Groove Armada, The Zutons, The Pigeon Detectives and Mark Ronson should register without delay and start packing the suncream.