Festival goers have begun arriving at Glastonbury Festival today, despite The Music not beginning until tomorrow afternoon.

The organisers of this year's festival are letting people in today to allow them to set up tents and stagger the vast crowds set to descend upon the Somerset farm.

The Leftfield stage will open earlier than usual this year and the first acts will begin early tomorrow afternoon, while the rest of the stages will commence on Friday.

Although there will not be any musical action today, the Green Fields area will be set up and ready to go with an array of stalls and things to keep people amused.

Fans arriving at the festival over the next day or so are being warned not to give their ticket to anyone until they go through the turnstiles.

A notice placed on the official Glastonbury website said: "Anyone asking to take your ticket before that is not legit.

"This year you will be given back your ticket, which will have your photograph on it, and which you will need to re-enter if you leave the site or go to the car parks. Security staff may ask to see your ticket during the event - so keep it secure."

People heading to the festival on Thursday may be met by a muddy scene as weather forecasters predict a wet weekend.

A spokesman for the Met Office said it was unlikely to be a dry festival, but a great deal of preparation has been done to remedy the mud witnessed in previous years.

20/06/2007 12:25:40